ARC Stud Welding Gun Setup

1.) Insert Chuck in the Chuck Adaptor and tap lightly with a hammer until it is held firmly in the taper of the Chuck Adaptor. NOTE: A different Chuck is required for each stud diameter.

Adjustment of Plunge

2.) Insert Ferrule Grip into Foot and secure with set screws provided. 1.) Adjust the Legs so that the stud extends from 1/8″ to 3/16″ beyond the end of the ferrule.
3.) Insert stud in Chuck and Ferrule in Ferrule Grip 2.) When the stud is positioned, tighten the leg screws so that the Foot Assembly cannot move.
4.) Loosen screws holding the Foot, and adjust the Foot so that the stud is centered in the ferrule. THIS IS IMPORTANT because improper welds will result if there is any binding or friction between the stud and ferrule. NOTE: It is necessary to adjust the plunge when changing stud lengths.