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Welcome to Manufacturing Efficiency Services. Thanks for taking a moment and viewing the product and services we have to offer. MES is a full-service Stud Welding distributor. Please navigate our side menu to see what we have to offer.

Stud Welding Process and Benefits

No matter what your production fastening requirements, MES offers a full line of stud welding systems for a broad range of manufacturing industries. These include furniture and decorative trim, primary metals, fabricated metal products, electrical, electronic and non-electrical machinery, and transportation equipment. The processes are designed to streamline production by eliminating certain phases of traditional fastening methods by maximizing each operator’s output and by utilizing the most up-to-date technology. MES, Inc, representatives will help you select the right system, or systems, to increase your productivity and improve your profit picture.

How to Determine Which Stud Welding Method to Use

Stud Welding Design Considerations

Stud Welding Process Selection Chart


Servicing a Broad Range of Industries

photo3Our state-of-the-art fasteners, studs, and systems meet the needs of manufacturers involved in the insulation, cookware, electrical components, enclosure applications, OEM, construction and a host of others. MES, Inc. equipment is at work everywhere, attaching handles to coffee pots and frying pans, nameplates to automobiles and stereos, hanging highway signs, securing faceplates to coin-operated telephones, electrical cable, and hydraulic hoses to equipment, motor mounts, and pump covers and in assembling metal office furniture. In short, performing virtually any job which requires capacitor discharge or arc stud welding.


Our Service is Unsurpassed

When you purchase an MES system, we provide comprehensive training for your installation crew in your plant. Our engineers instruct your people in every operating procedure and feature of your new equipment and acquaint them in detail with the maintenance schedule. Once the systems are installed, we monitor them carefully to make sure they are in fine working order. We know your industry and its applications and our delivery is fast. We stand behind every component we sell. If you run up against an emergency situation, a servicing or maintenance problem that your people can’t handle, just give us a call or e-mail. If we are unable to resolve any issues initially, we can schedule a call at your plant.