General ARC Stud Welding Information

Basic Engineering specifications which cover all the studs listed on this site, regardless of size or shape, are detailed below.

Stud Dimensions (After Weld Length)

The length dimension (L) carried throughout the specifications is the overall length of the stud before weld. The after weld length will be shorter dependent upon the size of the stud as shown in the following table.

Stud Diameter Length Reduction
3/16″ Dia. Through 1/2″ Dia. 1/8″
5/8″ Dia. Through 7/8″ Dia. 3/16″
1″ Dia. and Over 3/16″ – 1/4″



All of the studs shown are available in mild or stainless steel. When a stud is stocked, the steel grade is indicated.

The low carbon steel or mild steel studs conform with reasonable limits to the analysis shown.

C – 0.23% Max. P – 0.040% Max.
Mn – 0.90% Max. S – 0.050% Max.

Stainless Steels: Stainless steels most commonly used are types 304 or 302HQ. Other grades of 300 series stainless steel are available (except for SS-303) when required.

Aluminum: In aluminum, alloy 5356 is most commonly used for stud welding


The standard threads on studs are UNC-2A. Other threads are available on request. Standard maximum thread length is 3″.


All Studs 1/4″ diameter and over are solid fluxed. Bellow 1/4″ diameter solid flux or non-fluxed studs are available upon request. The rectangular studs listed on the site are not fluxed.

Mechanical Properties (as cold drawn)

Stud Type Material Tensile (ultimate) Reduction in Area
PD, FT, FB, RB, TP, CL, SH, NT, R6, R7, R2 C-1010/C-1020ASTM-A108 55,000psi. Min. 50% Min.
HA, SC C-1010/C-1020AWSD1.1 & ASTM-A108 60,000 psi Min. 50% Min.
DA Low Carbon/ASTM 496 80,000 psi Min.
CD C-1010/C-1020ASTM-A108 50,000 psi Min.


MES Studs can be annealed to a maximum of 75 Rockwell B for low carbon steel, and 85 Rockwell B for stainless steel. An extra charge is applicable for annealing and will be quoted when desired.


Each stud ordered should be listed separately. MES will supply the appropriate ferrule for each stud, unless you require a specific ferrule, not standard for the stud. The stud style should be specified as well as the length, diameter, material, and quantity required.  If you know the MES part number, or if you want to create a part number using our ARC Stud P/N Generation Chart. It may speed up the ordering process.

Feel free to call MES if you require ordering assistance.

Your MES representative will be happy to advise you on the accessories required for welding the stud ordered. They are also available to aid in determining the proper anchor type and placement.